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Ophthalmic EMR - ezChartWriter

ezChartWriter - Electronic Medical Records Software. A powerful yet easy-to-use
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7 January 2008

Editor's review

Any kind of medical practitioner having a personal practice knows the pros and cons of having a personalized and enhanced practice which can both psychologically satisfying and financially profitable for the user. There are a variety of things and procedures to consider in case of a self employer as everything is required to be suitably managed and sorted out in order to have a successful career. The assistance of computer programs are irrefutable in such situations as they offer a myriad of services and tools to work with which can help in managing and working out of any process like organizing records and tackling patient lists or even individual prescriptions. A program like Ophthalmic EMR - ezChartWriter 3.0 can suitably help in managing a medical system of work.

ezChartWriter 3.0 opens with a neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the bottom and the main screen showing up the detailed reports of the patients which includes recommended measures and reporting functions along with assessment values. This easy to navigate program is simple enough for a beginner and includes some useful and practical tools such as a word processor and report editor along with a clinical documentation feature. All these and more allow the user to have a suitably organized and sorted patient demographic system and other insurance details which can be manually organized and managed along with being exported to an external medium for reference. It also facilitates in creating a patient chart and also helps in creating a normal patient chart scheduler for any purpose.

To conclude, Ophthalmic EMR - ezChartWriter 3.0 definitely works as an enhanced and promising utility for any medical practitioner for its neat features and assistance and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its impressive performance.

Publisher's description

ezChartWriter is a powerful ophthalmic EMR system, yet is easy-to-use for even computer novices. It includes a built-in word processor, SOAP based encounter creator, report editor, Rx logbook feature, reminders and clinical notes documentation tool in one application. The front-end allows you to organize your patient demographics, Rx's and insurance information. Additional modules for insurance claim billing, appointment scheduling and creating recall lists are available. You can even import/export your patient demographics with ease.

Program Structure
ezChartWriter uses familiar images as the cornerstone of the user interface. For example, to create a patient chart, one click on the "NEW" drawer of the FILE CABINET gets you there. A patient chart looks onscreen similar to what you would see in the paper format. Encounters, Rx's and notes are presented in lists, that can be double clicked to call up the appropriate report. The report editor is similar to standard word processors seen in Windows XP.

Using the familiar SOAP format (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan), you can create a "normal" patient encounter in about 90 seconds. Included are tools to generate common ophthalmic data as well as Rx Wizards (to create medication, spectacle, or contact lens Rx's).

ezChartWriter can also help you save time by generating letters, reports and patient handouts. Many pre-existing sample reports are already included or you can easily build your own!

Since ezChartWriter can export data in both text and PDF formats, you can send your encounters, Rx's and letters in email or simply create backup copies that can be opened on any computer.
Ophthalmic EMR - ezChartWriter
Ophthalmic EMR - ezChartWriter
Version 3.0
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